How will the campaign affect our annual giving?

Annual giving is extremely important to the ongoing operations of the Boys Chorus. We rely on your annual support to pay for our current instruction and travel, staff salaries, monthly mortgage, and other ongoing expenses. We encourage our supporters to continue their annual support of the Boys Chorus and consider how they can make a gift to the campaign above and beyond this support.

How much should I give to the campaign?

Supporters are asked to thoughtfully consider making a five-year commitment over and above their regular annual giving. It is our hope that all our supporters will make a pledge to the campaign. We are challenging our supporters to make proportionate pledges, and expect to realize gifts of all sizes throughout the course of the campaign.

Why are pledges encouraged instead of one-time donations?

Pledge commitments over five years allow supporters to make more generous gifts than they might otherwise be capable of making with a one-time gift. A larger contribution is easier to pay off over a period of time. Please note that pledges are not legally binding contracts, but rather a statement of what you intend to do.

Why is a 10% initial payment encouraged?

The campaign seeks to raise funds for several projects. Making an initial payment of 10% will help the Boys Chorus begin projects and make updates sooner. Also, an initial payment of any amount demonstrates your commitment to fulfilling your pledge.

How will pledges be collected?

The Boys Chorus will track pledges and gifts, as well as handling payment reminders over the designated five-year pledge period. E-checks and credit/debit card payments are also accepted and encouraged.

Do you accept other methods of payment?

To make fulfillment of pledges as easy as possible, we are accepting many forms of payment including, but not limited to: stock donations, IRA distributions, and corporate matching gifts. We will also accept bequests and other planned giving vehicles within guidelines. If you are interested in any of these, please indicate your preferred giving method on the pledge card and a campaign representative will follow up with you.

Is the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus a tax-exempt organization?

Yes. TABC qualifies as a 501(c)(3) IRS Charitable Organization. Those with a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) may recommend grants from their DAF be directed to the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus to fulfill a campaign gift.

Can I make a matching gift with my employer?

Yes, many corporations endeavor to match the charitable contributions of employees. Please contact your company’s human resources professional to determine if your company has a matching gift program.

What if a donor is unable to fulfill a commitment to the campaign?

Donors are asked to sign pledge cards to indicate they have agreed to the terms of the gift. Pledges to TABC are not legally binding. If your situation changes and you need to adjust your pledge amount or payment options, we ask that you contact the TABC at (520) 296-6277. There are several options available to modify your pledge to accommodate your new circumstances.

Will any of these funds be used for items other than the established case elements?

Absolutely not. The Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus will restrict these funds for the manner in which they are intended. The funds raised for the campaign will be used exclusively for the defined case elements.

Will there be full reporting of the Campaign?

Yes. The Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus will issue an annual audited financial report that will be available online.