As the new ex-officio member of the TABC Board of Directors, I have been tasked with finding and developing Alumni resources and connections. Some of our goals include:

– developing and sustaining a contact list

– providing a newsletter that will include information on current events, individual alumni status, and special activities

– initial and sustained personal outreach

– exploring and developing alternative communication opportunities

– creating a website section relating directly to alumni

Additional objectives include:

– increased participation in the alumni chorus performances (more than one per year)

– developing financial and in-kind giving, and soliciting professional expertise of our alumni

– networking with active members/mentors/chaperones and increasing general volunteerism

I know that many alumni have wonderful memories of the time spent in the Chorus. It would be fantastic if you would submit, for publication on the website, some of the stories of your time spent in the Chorus (I submitted my story, you can read it here).

TABC has over 8,000 alumni around the world, yet we have fewer than 2,000 listed in our contact list and not all of those with accurate information. Please make an effort to provide TABC with your current information so we can keep you informed on events and the activities of other alumni.  As a fellow alum, I look forward to serving you and the Chorus.

Thomas Wilson

TABC Board of Directors

Chorus Member 1952-1955

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