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Become a Member of the Chorus!

The Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus is registering boys for the Fall 2014 semester. Boys from ages 8 to 12 are being selected for openings in the Chorus.

The open enrollment is for boys in the third through sixth grades who have an interest in music. No prior musical experience is required. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Over the years, the young men who have participated in the Chorus have been a part of a tradition of excellence that has garnered world acclaim for both the Chorus and the city of Tucson. These young ambassadors begin the Chorus with no specific skills. They are simply ordinary boys who love to sing who achieve excellence through participation in the program.

Parents are invited to call the Chorus office for more information and to register

For More Information:
Call the Chorus Office - (520) 296-6277

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